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IBAGS Conference in Sweden

Noorya Ahmed

In June, Nathalie, Noorya, and Becky travelled to Stockholm, Sweden for the XIV Meeting of the International Basal Ganglia Society.

Sweden is quite certainly on the other side of the world from us here in Australia. Nevertheless we were incredibly excited to head over to our first international conference of 2023! Becky and myself (Noorya) had posters to present and Nathalie was giving a talk.

Becky and I were lucky enough to be able to explore the city a little bit the morning the conference was to start. We headed to Gamla Stan (the old town) and wandered through the amazing streets, looking at the beautiful buildings and enjoying the beautiful European summer weather.

We also managed to find ourselves in the Nobel Prize Museum. We found the namesake of the Eccles Institute of Neuroscience (Sir John Eccles), and saw brilliant displays on some of the neuroscientists who came before us.

The conference itself was a unique opportunity to engage with other scientists specialising in the basal ganglia systems and disorders of these systems such as Parkinson's Disease. Our poster presentations went well, with world leaders in our fields coming to speak to us about our research, and even stimulating potential collaborations!

Nathalie's talk was also incredibly successful, highlighting some of the research the lab has done over the last few years.

Overall, this conference was a great networking opportunity and was also highly educational as we learnt all about the most recent advances in basal ganglia research. We can't wait for the next IBAGS conference in Dunedin, New Zealand!



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